Computing Services for Faculty


Most computing services to Penn Engineering Faculty are provided directly by the local support organization, Computing and Information Technology Services (CETS). CETS also manages local support for computer services provided by other organizations at the University of Pennsylvania, such as the Registrar, Human Resources, etc.

CETS is a good first point of contact for all technical issues. The most effective way to request help from CETS is to send an email message to will create a “ticket” in their tracking system which will be assigned to the person best able to solve the problem.

If you need immediate assistance, for example if you are teaching a class and the projector isn’t working, please call 215-898-4707. Be sure to tell the person that you are teaching a class and need immediate assistance.

You can also search the FAQ database at CETS Answers.


PennKey name/password is used to access most university online services. People new to Penn normally get their PennKey setup code when they get their PennID cards. For guests without PennID cards, contact for assistance.

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Advising Support

Faculty members can get information about student records from Advisor InTouch. However, individual access must first be established through the Research and Academic Services (RAS) Office, ras@seas.upenn.eduCourses InTouch is where faculty have access to class lists, problem notices and grading. In addition, faculty members can get lists and pictures of their advisees from Advisor InTouch.

Course Support

Any Engineering course can use Canvas. Students are automatically loaded into course sites. Scanning of course material is provided by the Penn Engineering Library, contact Canvas sites must be requested every semester, to enable loading of the semester’s enrolled students. Alternatively, faculty members may create their own course web sites using a course account on SEAS. Many software packages are installed in the student computer labs. Additional software packages may be purchased for the student labs at faculty request; however, the budget for that is based the enrollment of the course. To request course-related software, a Canvas course site or a course email/web account contact

Computer Labs and Classroom Multimedia Support

Computer Labs for general course support are provided by CETS. Both Linux and Windows labs are available. Labs may be reserved for classes; advance arrangements are required. To request a lab, use the Lab Reservation form. Engineering users have access to their SEAS disk space from all CETS Computer Labs.

Most classrooms in the Engineering School buildings have projectors, laptop jacks and installed computers, which are set up exactly like the Student Computer Labs. For information on large auditorium a/v facilities within SEAS, contact It is important to test the software and features in advance, to ensure that they work as you expect. CETS technicians are available to provide equipment walkthroughs for any of our classrooms or auditoriums. Audio recording is available in the auditoriums in Towne, Levine, Skirkanich and LRSM, using the installed microphones. Advance arrangements are required.

Research Computing Support

In general, faculty members provide funds through research grants for computing resources used for research by themselves and their students.

CETS provides assistance on specifications for research computers. Also, system administration service is available, charged by the hour. Network-attached, backed-up disk space is available, charged by the gigabyte. CETS also provides a wide range of systems administration and design services for High Performance Computing on Linux needs. Contact