Faculty Committees

Academic Year 2023-24

Dean’s Committees

Administrative Committee

Vijay Kumar (Chair), Mark Allen, Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen, Robert Ghrist, Zachary Ives, Cherie Kagan, Boon Thau Loo, Michael Matthews, David F. Meaney, Chinedum Osuji, Ravi Radhakrishnan, Camillo Jose Taylor, Kevin Turner, Shu Yang; (Chair, Faculty Personnel Committee, ex officio Nader Engheta).

Scope: Advises the Dean in matters of planning, budgets, and personnel. Serves as the primary communications link between the departments and the administration of the School.

Standing Committees

Faculty Council

Firooz Aflatouni, Igor Bargatin, Anindya De, Jenny Jiang, Benjamin Lee (Chair), Amish Patel, Jordan Raney, Robert Riggleman, Eric Stach.

Scope: Serves as the elected Executive Committee of the Faculty and acts on all matters that require decisions between Faculty meetings; communicates the sentiments, wishes, and grievances of the Faculty to the administrative officers of the School; continuously examines the state of the School and makes recommendations to the Dean and Department Chairs on any matter involving the School or the University; advises the Dean in matters of long-range planning.

Faculty Personnel Committee

Haim Bau, Dennis Discher, Nader Engheta (Chair), Daeyeon Lee, Stephanie Weirich. Alternates: Ritesh Agarwal, Arjun Raj, Rakesh Vohra.

Scope: Considers Faculty appointment, promotion, and tenure cases to determine the academic qualifications of the candidate for membership on the Faculty at the rank proposed. Makes recommendations to the Dean in accordance with established University procedures.

Undergraduate Affairs Committee

Robert Ghrist (Chair), Andrew Tsourkas (BE), Robert Riggleman (CBE), Joseph Devietti (CIS), Firooz Aflatouni (ESE), Eric Detsi (MSE), Igor Bargatin (MEAM), Vasundhara Macherla (EDAB Representative, non-voting),   Sonya Gwak (ex-officio)

Scope: Recommends to the Faculty all matters concerning undergraduate students and their education. This shall include courses and curricula, new educational programs, and undergraduate student recruiting and admissions. This committee is also responsible for supervising the selection of student award recipients by the Faculty.

Graduate Affairs Committee

Boon Thau Loo (Chair), Yale Cohen (BE),  John Crocker (CBE),  Mayur Naik (CIS), Troy Olsson (ESE), Prashant Purohit (MEAM), I-Wei Chen (MSE), Alyse Edwards (RAS), Tori Frew (RAS),  Sonya Gwak (Student Life), Aalok Thakkar (GSEG Representative, non-voting).

Scope: Recommends to the Faculty all matters concerning graduate students and their education. This shall include recommendation of courses and curricula, recruiting and admissions, and matters concerning student academic progress.

Academic Performance Committee

Robert Ghrist, Chair; TBD (BE), Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen (CBE), Joseph Devietti (CIS), Lee Bassett (ESE), Igor Bargatin (MEAM), Eric Detsi (MSE); Sonya Gwak (ex-officio), Ellen Eckert (ex-officio).

Acts for the Faculty on all matters concerning the education, status, and records of undergraduate students, including the interpretation of and exceptions to the B.S.E./B.A.S. curricula requirements. Actions of this Committee may be appealed to the Faculty Council acting for the Faculty. Actions of the Committee are reported to the Faculty by the Associate Dean and are considered to be approved by the Faculty unless specific action is taken at the next meeting of the Faculty or unless an appeal to the Council is pending. Copies of the Minutes of the Academic Performance Committee shall be available to all members of the Faculty.

Standing Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Kathleen Stebe, Michael Kearns, Sanjeev Khanna, Haim Bau, Alt. Robert Ghrist, Alt.

Scope: Recommends to the Faculty action in any case involving an alleged violation of academic freedom or responsibility; normally acts only when a formal complaint is made.

SEAS ABET Committee

Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen, Chair (CBE Representative), LeAnn Dourte (BE), Arjun Raj (BE), Chris Callison-Burch (CIS), Andre DeHon (CMPE), Firooz Aflatouni (ESE, SSE), Peter Davies (MSE), Prashant Purohit (MEAM)

Scope:  Assesses and evaluates core academic programs in compliance with the guidelines of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

University Committees

(where School Faculty/Dean appointment is required)

Graduate Council of the Faculties

Talid Sinno (SEAS Faculty-elected Representative).

Scope: Advises the Provost through the Deputy Provost on policy matters regarding graduate education and determines, as Faculty representatives, the University-wide basic standards for admission and degree requirements.

SEAS Diversity Search Advisors/President's Affirmative Action Council

Konrad Kording, BE; Talid Sinno, CBE; Aaron Roth, CIS; Alejandro Ribeiro, ESE; Douglas Jerolmack, MEAM; Eric Stach, MSE

Scope: Monitors affirmative action and equal opportunity in employment without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or status as a Vietnam Era Veteran or disabled Veteran.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee

TBD – Faculty-elected Representative of Constituency #18 – BE, CBE, MSE, MEAM

TBD – Faculty-elected Representative of Constituency #19 – CIS, ESE.